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​"Thank you for your interest in The Watchman Stove! I had several goals when taking this stove to market:

  • build it robustly to last for many years without failure
  • build the highest quality possible for the lowest price to the consumer
  • build it locally

Partnering with Winchester Metals allowed all those goals to be met. The skilled fabricators at Winchester Metals take the same pride in manufacturing this stove as I do. Your purchase of this stove creates jobs right here in the good ol' USA! The goodwill created by the proceeds from sales of The Watchman Stove is immeasurable, and I thank you personally for that! God Bless!"


-Kirk Salmons, Inventor


​​The Watchman Stove was designed by Kirk Salmons of Front Royal, Virginia. Kirk received so much positive feedback and interest in his early prototypes that he decided to pursue higher volume production and marketing of the product to reach a larger consumer base. Kirk has partnered with Winchester Metals, Inc. to start producing and distributing the Watchman Stove throughout the United States. The partnership with Winchester Metals allows for a higher quality stove at a lower price point to the consumer.


​The Watchman Stove is built to last. It is constructed of mostly 3/16" & 1/4" carbon and stainless steel. The design of the stove body, which is made of 6" x 3/16" wall steel square tube, creates maximum burning efficiency. The adjustable square tube legs allow for a level cooking surface in any terrain. Keep your food or coffee warm on the 1/4" thick "potato plate" or use it for baking. The 3/16" stainless cook surface also flips back to allow for top feeding of wood into the funnel to go into bonfire mode. The 1/8" ash dump plate can also be utilized as an adjustable draft control when burning a bonfire.


Product weight is 75 lbs and dimensions are approximately 20" w x 30" h x 22" d.




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