Barry's Cajun Boil

Preparation Time: 20 min   |  Cook Time: 1 hr

Calories: 1840 kcal   |   Fat: 168.36 gram   |   Servings: 4



5 lbs whole small new potatoes.

3 lbs beef sausage sliced 3/4" thick.

1/2 cup Old Bay seasoning.

6 ears of corn

5 lbs shrimp


Recipe Instructions

Fill a 3 gallon stainless pot with one gallon of water.

Using small splits of hardwood or sticks, bring the Watchman Stove up to temperature until the water is boiling.

Add in the potatoes, beef sausage, and Old Bay seasoning.

Continue boiling 10-15 minutes.

Add in 6 ears of corn, broken in half.

Continue boiling another 5-10 minutes.

Add the shrimp.

Continue boiling approximately 5 minutes, or until shrimp is at desired texture.

Remove from heat and enjoy!


Barry said it's enough to feed an army!

He said he had two pots running; one on the Watchman Stove, one on a propane burner. The Watchman Stove got up to temperature faster, and was even used to finish the second pot on the propane burner!

Thanks for the submission and the awesome feedback, Barry!



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