Smokestack BBQ


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Your Classic Kettle is SMOKIN'! [SMOKESTACK] converts your kettle grill into a premium BBQ smoker which will turn any backyard griller into a pitmaster. With steam temperature regulated (STR) technology, [SMOKESTACK]'s STR design is optimized for barbecue temperatures and holds consistent for hours while avoiding temperature spikes, high or low.

Simply stack the [SMOKESTACK]™ on the kettle bottom, place the grate inside our device, kettle top on, and voilà! you've got a competition smoker in your backyard.

Be ready for Spring and Summer. 2020 models available now! Features include:

- Kettle grill compatibility

- Solid steel or stainless steel option

- Steam temperature regulation (STR) technology.

- Convenient chute for addition of wood or coal during longer cooks (upsized on 2020 units)

- Bypass exhaust removes all "black smoke" without affecting your meat, fish, or other foods.

- Water level Indicator and valved fill/ spill outlet to ensure STR performance. Garden hose compatible.

- Simple damper control (2020 update!).