Rocket Stoves

A rocket stove is a hot, highly efficient, wood-burning stove. It is available in basic to more complex systems for purchase, as well as simple, DIY versions for on the fly or daily cooking. A rocket stove utilizes an insulated vertical chimney that is designed to force high airflow around the fuel to allow for almost complete combustion before the flames reach the cooking surface or end of the stove.

The Components of a Rocket Stove:


  1. Chimney: A metal box or pipe standing vertically and supporting the cooking system.
  2. Fuel magazine: A short length of a steel or ceramic pipe fitted horizontally into the bottom of the chimney.
  3. Heat exchanger: A metal tube-like shield that directs hot gases from the chimney to flow over the sides of the cooking system.
  4. Fuel shelf: A flat plate that holds the fuel clear of the bottom of the fuel magazine to allow air to flow underneath.

There are many economic and environmental benefits of using a rocket stove compared to a more traditional method. These stoves require far less fuel, heat, and biomass, therefore, producing fewer emissions than their competitors.


When these stoves are used inside, they are known to improve indoor air quality since the highly-efficient design emits less smoke and cleaner exhaust. Additionally, if you are in the wild or camping, and you are limited in tools or equipment, there are very basic designs using soup cans and other items you would likely have on hand.

When looking for a more practical solution for an indoor or outdoor stove, a rocket stove might feel like a step back in time. It is truly an amazing step forward in reducing health-related issues and high energy costs. These stoves are not only a huge asset to countries around the world, but they are loved by many people who want a more sustainable, efficient, and healthier cooking system.


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