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The Watchman ​Stove is made by hand with pride in the USA by people who care about what they do.  We strive to give you the highest quality stove/BBQ/grill at the best price we possibly can.

For Outdoor Use Only


  • ​3/16" laser cut hinged stainless cook surface.
  • 11ga carbon steel funnel
  • 1/4" carbon steel "potato plate" with hand carrying slots
  • 6" x 3/16" wall steel tube stove body
  • 3/16" stainless steel laser cut ash grate
  • Weight: 75 lbs
  • Dimensions approx. 20" w x 30" h x 22" d


  • ​Place the stove in a location where there is no danger of setting anything outside of the stove on fire.
  • Adjust the legs using the thumb screws so that the stove sits as level as possible with no rocking action.
  • Make sure the ash door (located at the base of the 6" tube) is fully closed. This can be opened later to increase draft as needed.
  • The high heat powder coat requires a heat cycle or two to fully cure.  it is recommended to burn the stove for at least 30 minutes to burn off any trapped solvents.  It is also recommended to scrub the stainless cooktop with a stainless brush while hot.
  • Most surfaces on the stove will become hot when burning.  Please keep children and pets a safe distance away.

Getting started... First firing of your Watchman Stove

The high heat powder coat requires a heat cycle or two to fully cure. We recommend burning the stove for at least 30 minutes to burn off any trapped solvents. We also recommend getting the stainless steel cooktop hot and scrubbing it with a standard stainless steel grill cleaning brush. This will clean any residue that may be present from manufacturing processes. Now you are ready to cook! There are many ways to run and cook on your new Watchman Stove. If you're a BBQ master, grill beginner, foodie, or just like fire, you're going to love what you produce in The Watchman Stove. Your imagination is the only limitation. You may even discover a new way to run the stove.

Front Feeding  front feed grill

This is the quickest way to get the stove up to cooking temperatures. The cooktop can be varied from 350F to 550F by varying the size and species of your wood selection. Smaller sticks = higher temperatures due to increased surface area of the fuel. Larger splits = lower temperatures due to decreased surface area. So, smaller pieces are desired for boiling water, or searing a steak, for example. Larger pieces are great for direct cooking (BBQ style) on the cook top or using a frying pan. It doesn't take long to learn how to maintain a desired temperature and get your grill on!! 

Top Feeding  bonfire grill

The Watchman Stove performs very well by dumping lit charcoal down funnel and using the Hoosier Grate accessory. A full charcoal chimney can provide hours of consistent heat for your cooking and BBQ needs. You can also throw the cooktop back and have a relaxing bonfire and make s'mores by top feeding wood into the funnel. Once you build a bed of coals in the bottom, drop the cooktop back into place and you can grill this way.

Ash Slide  ash slide

This is designed to "cook on the fly". During long cooks, the bottom will fill with ash and reduce the efficiency of the fire. Simply slide the ash slide open, allow the ash to drop, and resume cooking. The stainless steel inner lower grate keeps the hot coals in place. You do not need to turn the stove upside down to empty ashes. Just make sure that you do not drop hot ashes onto a combustible surface. 

Secondary Air Intake

The ash slide has another purpose of providing secondary air intake when top feeding the stove. With just a little practice, you can fine tune your grilling needs by varying the position of the slide. It becomes intuitive over time.

You can cook directly on the cook top BBQ style. If using wood, follow the same rules that apply to proper wood for running a "stick-burner" smoker. Oak, apple, hickory, fruit woods, and most hardwoods are great. If you are uncertain of the species of sticks you are using, we do not recommend cooking directly with them. Some species can impart a bad taste or even make you sick.

Indirect Cooking  cast iron on grill

If using pots and pans, your wood selection isn't nearly as critical, and flavor won’t be imparted to your food. Most sticks and twigs, or small splits of wood of any variety will work for this method.

Potato Plate  potato plate grill

The plate/shelf is the warmest around the 3 sides of the vertical 6" tube. It averages 300°F. The 4 outside corners are normally 50°F to 75°F cooler. The purpose of the shelf is to cook corn, potatoes, shrimp in a pan with butter, for warming side dishes, sauces for pasta or even for quickly warming up a cup of coffee.  Your camping chef skills really can come into play with this feature.


The Watchman is designed to last and last and last.  It can withstand being stored outside, in the weather.  There's nothing to break or fail.  Preppers or those wanting a reliable and fail-proof way to cook and have a heat source should consider the Watchman Stove as a viable solution.  

Ancient Technology, Modern Application

The Watchman stove is a rocket stove, just in a sleek and tough, reliable package.  Rocket stove technology is old, super old, but this stove has made it in a self-contained, one piece unit that is efficient, hot, and dependable.  The concept of a rocket stove is the burn takes place in one spot while the air flows around it and the flame is often hidden from view.  For standard BBQ, searing, grilling, etc, the Watchman will do it all.   


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