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The Watchman Stove


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The Watchman Stove base model - grill only. 

The Watchman Stove is the must-have appliance for outdoor chefs who want the next level cooking experience. Whether you're grilling for a full house of friends or just enjoying a night in with yourself, this combination grill and smoker are sure to make your meal something special. With its fast heat-up time and ability to maintain consistent temperature, you can have meals from the Watchman Stove that are as juicy and tender as if they'd been smoked all day long! Even better, you don't need to wait hours for your food - just fire up your Watchman Stove and get cooking! Perfect for when you want gourmet meals but don't have all day. Get your Watchman Stove right now and start grilling - it's time to enjoy cooking outdoors.

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